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Six Names Added to the Freaks Hall Class of 2017

The polls are closed, the ballots have been counted, and we are proud to announce our round two inductees for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Freaks Hall class of 2017.  In this round, we considered artists and groups who debuted before 1967, and six names finished over the induction line. They will be inducted with the contributors elected in round one and those who make the cut in round three (debuted between 1967-1981).

Please welcome our class of 2017 round two inductees!



Richard Berry


The Chocolate Watchband

Bobby Fuller Four

The Bobby Fuller Four


Wynonie Harris


The Kingsmen


The Wailers

Album of the Day: Richard Berry, Have “Louie” Will Travel (2004, Ace Records)



Richard Berry, Have “Louie” Will Travel: The 1956-62 Recordings (2004, Ace Records)

Allmusic (4.5/5): AllMusic Review by Richie Unterberger

Although Richard Berry had long been recognized as an important secondary pioneer of ’50s rock & roll/R&B in general, and as the originator of “Louie Louie” in particular, his best and most influential material was out of print for decades. This 30-track compilation totally rectifies the situation, with both sides of all eight of his 1956-1960 Flip singles, as well as an almost equal number of early-’60s recordings for various labels, some previously unissued. The Flip sides in particular represent his most important work, if for no other reason than they include his original (and not often reissued) 1957 single version of “Louie Louie,” the regional rock & roll hit that eventually became one of the most covered songs of all time. Otherwise, the Flip stuff shows him to be something of an R&B-rock jack of all trades, including doo wop ballads, uptempo Los Angeles R&B in the midst of transition to rock & roll, and novelty-tinged numbers that sound a little like some of the Coasters’ early work. The quality on the Flip tracks is variable, and frankly not strong enough to qualify him as a major rock & roll artist, ranging from the ordinary and generic to the outstanding. In the outstanding category are “Louie Louie,” the call-and-response vocal number “Sweet Sugar You” (where the Coasters connection sounds the strongest), a fun rock & roll version of “Besame Mucho” (also covered by the Coasters, lest we forget), and “Have Love Will Travel,” his best song other than “Louie Louie.” The early-’60s cuts were produced by another L.A. jack of all trades, Gary Paxton, and while some of them are good, they seem to have a bit of a slapdash try-anything-and-see-what-sticks mentality. Some of them are very much in Berry’s ’50s style; others are clearly trying to mimic the R&B-pop crossover of Brook Benton; and “Everybody’s Got a Lover But Me” is a dead-on imitation of early, Latin-tempoed Impressions hits like “Gypsy Woman” that’s enjoyable but quite derivative. It’s an inconsistent compilation, then, but it’s a worthwhile plug in the gap of Berry’s discography, his complicated saga clarified by the outstanding, thorough liner notes.

Track Listing:

1 Richard Berry & Pharaohs, The  Louie Louie 2:13
2 Richard Berry & Pharaohs, The No Kissin’ And A-Huggin’ 2:34
3 Richard Berry & Pharaohs, The You’re The Girl 2:17
4 Richard Berry & Pharaohs, The Rock, Rock, Rock (This Dance Is Crazy) 1:42
5 Richard Berry & Pharaohs, The I’ll Never Ever Love Again 2:11
6 Richard Berry & Pharaohs, The Sweet Sugar You 2:46
7 Richard Berry & Pharaohs, The Somewhere There’s A Rainbow 2:04
8 Richard Berry & Pharaohs, The (3) You Look So Good 2:17
9 Richard Berry & Pharaohs, The (3) Take The Key And Open Up My Heart 1:53
10 Richard Berry & Lockettes, The Heaven On Wheels 2:04
11 Richard Berry & Pharaohs, The You Are My Sunshine 2:34
12 Richard Berry & Lockettes, The The Mess Around 2:34
13 Richard Berry & Pharaohs, The  Besame Mucho 2:10
14 Richard Berry & Pharaohs, The Do I, Do I, Do I 2:13
15 Richard Berry & Pharaohs, The Have Love Will Travel 2:54
16 Richard Berry & Pharaohs, The No Room 3:13
17 Richard Berry In A Real Big Way 2:14
18 Richard Berry Well Done 2:29
19 Richard Berry I Want You To Be My Girl 3:17
20 Richard Berry It’s All Right 2:32
21 Richard Berry Weep No More 3:11
22 Richard Berry Everybody’s Got A Lover But Me 1:59
23 Richard Berry Tell Me Why 2:32
24 Richard Berry Dreams Of An Angel 3:22
25 Richard Berry Give It Up 2:35
26 Richard Berry I’m Your Fool 2:54
27 Richard Berry What Good Is A Heart 2:40
28 Richard Berry Empty Chair 2:30
29 Richard Berry I’m Learning 2:07
30 Richard Berry Walk Right In 3:04

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