“Rock ‘n’ roll is an attitude, it’s not a musical form of a strict sort. It’s a way of doing things, of approaching things. Writing can be rock ‘n’ roll, or a movie can be rock ‘n’ roll. It’s a way of living your life.” – Lester Bangs

“Rock ‘n’ roll,… is a lifestyle, it’s a fashion, a music, it’s sexual intercourse, it’s a lot of things. and rock music is just merely music, rock ‘n’ roll is much bigger than that. Some people confuse rock music with rock ‘n’ roll, rock ‘n’ roll is much better.” – Lux Interior

“The one thing that can solve most of our problems is dancing.” – James Brown


Rock ‘n’ Roll Freaks shares a passion for real rock ‘n’ roll, from its post-war prehistory to the bars and clubs where bands you haven’t heard of yet are honing their craft and keeping the sounds we love alive.  For more daily cool rock ‘n’ roll stuff visit our official Facebook page.




Ted Cogswell is the editor of Rock ‘n’ Roll Freaks. He has written about rock ‘n’ roll for Flipside, Fizz, Relix, and The New Brunswick Banner.

Joe Bonomo is the author of This Must Be Where My Obsession With Infinity Began , Conversations With Greil Marcus, AC/DC’s Highway to Hell (33 1/3 Series), Jerry Lee Lewis: Lost and Found, Installations, and Sweat: The Story of The Fleshtones, America’s Garage Band. He appears online at No Such Thing As Was and at @BonomoJoe.

Ken Burke is the current contributing editor of Blue Suede News and the author of Country Music Changed My Life – Tales of Tough Times and Triumphs from Country’s Legends, and The Blue Moon Boys – The Story of Elvis Presley’s Band, with Dan Griffin. 

Steve Butts  is used book and media buyer at Schuler Books in Lansing, Mi who loves books, music and baseball.  You can follow Steve @steveb5477

Kevin Chanel eats nails and brings forth non-taxable items from the previous tax year. Owner of the ill-timed ChinMusic! Magazine, somewhat-owner/editor of the even-worse-timed and themed Punk Rock Confidential, he now spends his days with his true love, El Jimador Reposado, and the first two albums by The Saints.

Gary Pig Gold is a singer-songwriter, record producer, filmmaker and author. His fanzine The Pig Paper was Canada’s second independently published music magazine. He has contributed to  Visible Ink Press’s Music Hound Essential Album Guide series, as well as Bubblegum Music Is the Naked Truth, Encounters With Bob Dylan, Lost in the Grooves, Paul McCartney: I Saw Him Standing There, TV A-Go-Go, Treat Me Like Dirt: An Oral History of Punk in Toronto and Beyond 1977–1981, and The Little Black Book of Music. His syndicated “Pigshit” column continues to run monthly online, having first appeared in Flipside in 1979.

Robert Jaz writes for his own website, The Robert Jaz Mystery Box, about  music and the vsual arts, observations of cultural ephemera and juxtapositions of genres.  He was the host and programmer of the Mystery Box Film Festival.

Scott “Top Ten” Kempner is a founding member of the Dictators and the Del Lords. He was also a member of the Little Kings with Dion DiMucci and has released two solo albums.

Jim Parrett was the editor of Canada’s first rock ‘n’ roll fanzine, Denim Delinquent, which published from 1971-1976.

Greg Prevost is a founding member of the Chesterfield Kings. He is co-author (with Andy Babiuk) of Rolling Stones Gear. His first solo album, Mississippi Murderer, was released in 2013.

Andy Schwartz was editor of New York Rocker from 1977-1982, and has  served as Director of Editorial Services at Epic Records, editor of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction night program, research consultant for the Rock Hall’s Library & Archive Project, and is co-author of Icons of Rock (with Scott Schinder). He currently provides editorial services for the Jazz Standard club in New York City.

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