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Lubricating oil for a marine diesel engine achieves two objectives; it must cool and lubricate. The oil is taken from the drain tank usually underneath the engine by a screw type

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Don't be fooled by the word "lubrication," however. Sometimes, when you pull into the bay at your local quick lube shop, they suggest you need a "lube job." That's not an oil change. That's oiling up a squeaky chassis and suspension system, neither of which share oil with the engine lubrication system. "Squeaky Chassis" would make an excellent ...

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Introduction to lubrication analysis WI140 The lessons provide an overview into the history of lubricant analysis, evolution of maintenance practices, friction and lubrication basics, lubricant analysis techniques, wear mechanisms, and lubrication regimes. Discover our e-learning courses. On-line courses ...

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Lubrication can range from none on perfectly clean surfaces, which can result in a very high coefficient of friction, to forced lubrication. The former does indeed happen sometimes, but more typically from negligence, or when it is intended to create a brake. Th e latter is used on critical systems such

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Bike maintenance is a wide-ranging topic, so in this article we start with the basics: a pre-ride inspection, securing bolts, and cleaning and lubricating key components. Also, don't overlook regular maintenance by a bike mechanic. If you ride regularly, bring your bike in for twice-yearly tune-ups ...

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Engine Lubrication Basics . Lubrication plays a key role in the life expectancy of an engine. Without oil, an engine would succumb to overheating and seizing very quickly. Lubricants help mitigate this problem, and if properly monitored and maintained, can extend the life of your motor. The process of lubrication in an ...

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Aurora Bearing Company has just released its latest product catalog. Aurora’s catalog 319 features their newest product offerings, as well as the top quality legacy components that have made Aurora a worldwide leader in quality and longevity since …

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Before taking the SKF lubrication course, it is recommended that you have passed the bearings basic course (GRB001), or have some prior knowledge about bearings. In this course you will learn about the physics of lubricants and the function of a lubricant within a bearing.

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To prevent potential disruptions and production shutdowns, it is crucial for members of the industrial sector to have a solid understanding of lubrication concepts. 360training.comâ  a trusted provider of workforce training programsâ  offers an online curriculum to help you master the common types, applications, and underlying ...

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Lubrication — or, more correctly, improper or insufficient lubrication — is one of the leading causes of equipment failures in industrial applications. Without it, sliding, rolling, or meshing surfaces experience significant friction, heat, and wear, leading to increased noise, loss of accuracy, and reduced equipment life.

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Vintage 1937 Film Perfectly Explains the Secrets of Engine Lubrication. What do ice skating and your engine's oil pump have in common? Even if you already know, you'll find this old educational ...

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The Basics of Synthetic Oil Technology ... When designing a lubrication program, I use a very simple set of rules to know when to choose a synthetic for an application. They are as follows: when equipment-performance demands exceed the capabilities of mineral-based fluid,

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We are also examining standard hydraulic fittings on lubrication points that require lithium grease. Again, do not overlook the basics and the chance for improving the tribology program at your facility. Lever-style Grease Gun. After careful consideration, we selected a lever-style grease gun for most of our manual grease lubrication tasks.

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I recently went to a seminar on lubrication basics. This was presented by Mike Deckert of Flo Components Ltd. So why talk about lubrication on an industrial automation website? Lubrication is vital in maintaining uptime on equipment. It is often thought of near the end of most automation projects, but it should be a principal component of all ...

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Some Basics of Lubrication. Posted on July 9th, 2018 by f8media in Uncategorized. FRICTION – In any study of lubrication, it is necessary first to know something about friction. Friction, or the reduction of friction, is the basic reason for lubrication. Friction is an everyday part of life, and it works both to man’s advantage and ...

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Grease lubrication is suitable for low-speed operation, but it provides less cooling than oil, and is not recommended for continuous-duty or heavily loaded applications, even at low speeds. With any lubrication, using the proper quantity of lubricant is important, and this is especially critical with grease. Using too little lubrication prevents an adequate lubrication film from forming, but ...

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The basics Grease is a “dirt magnet,” so it’s surprising to many that packing it into the cavity around the bearing actually helps keep dirt and other contaminants from getting into this critical component. On very old motors, lubrication was provided by oil-soaked felt that “wicked” oil to the bearings.