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Today, it is NSF International (NSF) that manages a lubricant registration program. New ingredients can be registered by the NSF (base oils and additives) as HX-1 components and a program for registering fully formulated lubricants as H1 lubricants for incidental food contact is also managed by the NSF.

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Lubriplate NSF H1 Registered, Food Grade Lubricants. Lubriplate’s complete line of high-performance, NSF H1 Registered, Food Machinery Grade Lubricants is designed to provide total food processing and bottling plant lubrication capability.

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SKF Food Grade Lubricants are NSF H1 1 registered and Kosher 2 and Halal 3 certified. Additionally, they rely on the ISO 21469 standard which helps ensure that they are produced and delivered according to the highest hygienic requirements. NSF: U.S. National Sanitation Foundation, H1: Incidental contact with food

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High-quality food-grade white oil [Meets FDA CFR 21, Section 172.878 and CFR 21, Section 178.3620(a)] Colourless, odourless and tasteless food-grade mineral oil; Food-grade white mineral oil well-suited for the food processing industry; Registered NSF H1 & 3H, and Kosher and Pareve food safe

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"The concept of food grade lubricants or greases is directly related to protecting people's health and the economic consequences of doing so. White oils: traditional oils which have undergone an enhanced treatment to make them as compatible as possible with the requirements associated with public health.

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The worldwide lubricants industry quickly committed to the NSF’s program, and today, the NSF is the leader is authorizing and monitoring H1/food grade lubricants for all lubricants manufacturers. NSF H1 authorized food grade lubricants are posted on the NSF’s website.

What is a "food grade" lubricant ? | Lubrican

Synthetic oil. Back to topic. What is a "food grade" lubricant ? ... "The concept of food grade lubricants or greases is directly related to protecting people's health and the economic consequences of doing so. ... as well as the constraints associated with public health requirements have resulted in the development of NSF-H1-registered ...

Q: What Differentiates H1, H2 & H3 Food-Grade Lubricants .

The classifications of H1, H2 and H3 distinguish different types of food-grade lubricants by what they may/may not contain and how they may be used.

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H1 Quinplex Synthetic Food Grade Oil is an NSF H1 registered synthetic food grade oil formulated for use in food processing and other sensitive environments where superior anti-wear, rust and oxidation resistant properties are required. It clings to equipment and provides reliable water-resistant protection from oxidation, rust and wear.

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Our Food Grade lubricants are formulated specifically for each type of equipment application in the food and beverage industry. Blended in an ISO certified facility using the finest base oils and additives, these advanced formulations protect against wear and extend the life of valuable equipment.

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Lubriplate Lubricants - Food Grade. Lubriplate’s complete line of NSF H1 registered food grade lubricants are designed to provide complete food processing and bottling plant lubrication capabilities. Their line of food grade lubricants are formulated from the highest quality base stocks.

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H1 lubricants are food-grade lubricants used in food processing environments where there is some possibility of incidental food contact. Lubricant formulations may only be composed of one or more approved basestocks, additives and thickeners (if grease) listed in 21 CFR 178.3750. ... Another approved H1 synthetic basestock is ... NSF’s Web ...

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Our high-performance food grade oils are registered NSF H1 for incidental food contact, certified Kosher Pareve, and certified Halal by IFANCA – making them suitable for use in food manufacturing plants. Regardless of load, temperature, environment and speed, LE has a suitable food machinery lubricant solution for your facility.

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Food Grade Lubricants Pan American Lubricants’ NSF Registered, Food Grade lubricating oils and greases are formulated using the finest full synthetic or mineral oil base stocks. Our full synthetic lubricants are engineered for optimum performance, reliability and longevity.

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Using the former USDA H1 and H2 classifications, NSF has submitted its draft standard, NSF 116-2000 (nonfood compounds used in food-processing facilities - food- grade lubricants) to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).


The Sprayon NSF® H1 High-Performance Food Grade Lubricants Program was designed to perform in the most extreme pressure conditions to keep your equipment safely running at peak performance. ... and LU209 Food Grade Synthetic Oil ... The Sprayon NSF® H1 High-Performance Food Grade Lubricants Program is formulated from the finest, food-grade ...

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All of Summit’s food grade products are registered with NSF® for H1 application (lubricants with incidental food contact) and most of our food grade products are also Kosher approved, Halal certified and CFIA accepted. In 2008, Summit was registered by NSF as the first company in North America (and second in the world) to be ISO 21469 certified.

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High Temperature Food Grade Grease - Synthetic Esters By Tyler Housel, Inolex Chemical Company High viscosity synthetic esters have been used as basestocks in high temperature lubricants for many years, and are now available with the NSF HX1 designation for food processing applications.

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If you would like additional information on our GERALYN® food grade NSF-H1 lubricants, please contact us. No matter where in the world your manufacturing plant is located, you can rest easy knowing that GERALYN® food grade NSF-H1 lubricants are only one phone call away! Fields of application for GERALYN® lubricating greases

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Food Grade Lubricants NSF H1-registered Food Machinery Grade Lubricants designed to deliver 100% food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing lubrication capability Hydraulic Fluids Synthetic, mineral oil based, fire resistant and biodegradable fluids for all types of hydraulic applications Metalworking Fluids

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Choose from our selection of food-grade grease, including over 200 products in a wide range of styles and sizes. ... These lubricants contain anticorrosion additives and are NSF registered H1 for incidental contact with food. ... Apply these lubricants to metal food and beverage equipment to prevent sticking. ...