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Digilube Systems is proud to be a Distributor and Filling Station for ATS Electro-Lube which manufactures the industry’s best performing point of use automatic grease lubricators. The lube solutions are reliable, safe, and labor-saving alternatives to manual lubrication, for single or multiple lube points by using the progressive distribution ...

Determining the Reliability of Automatic Grease .

From a reliability point of view, both lubricator types have drawbacks. If the apparent viscosity was increased or the grease hardened, the output would decrease or might even stop. Gas-powered lubricators might also suffer from leakage of gas. The latest type of single-point lubricators has a piston mechanism driven electrically.

NTN Automatic Lubricators Avoid Costly Mistak

NTN produces 3 types of single-point automatic lubricators. They can be used with a wide range of lubricants—including many types of food-grade grease or oil. Their 3 automatic lubricators include: READY—highly economic, gas-powered single-point lubricator; suitable for a wide range of applications and industries

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A single point automatic lubricator is a self-contained and adjustable device that automatically dispenses grease or oil to a lubrication point over a preset period of time. Single point automatic lubricators limit the need for manual lubrication and are especially useful when lube points are located in remote and hazardous locations.

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Environmentally-minded manufacturers will appreciate the refillable feature of spring-powered SPLs because the unit can remain mounted on a bearing, with just pennies of grease used to top off the reservoir. Spring-powered lubricators also can typically be used with any grease, providing users with flexibility in these applications.


One of our lubricators is filled with universal grease. Universal grease is a natural-coloured, lithium-saponified lubrication grease on mineral oil base with chemical active EP-additives. The universal grease is NLGI class 2, the lubricator can be used universally in lubrication of utility vehicles, industrial and construction machines. This ...

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Perma Automatic Lubrication Systems 713-957-2200 ... Single Point Automatic Lubrication Classic-Gas activated with a metal ... degrees F Star Vario- direct or remote mounted electromechanical lubricator with a battery powered motor for precise lubrication discharge. Cartridges offered with 60cc, 120cc or 250cc of grease.

Getting the Most from Single-Point Lubricato

Lubrication should not be left to chance. Optimized grease lubrication requires knowledge of bearing configuration, lubricant and operating conditions. Single-point lubricators should be selected and applied judiciously to obtain the desired extended equipment life. These lubricators have their place, but cannot be applied indiscriminately.

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The automatic SKF lubricator TLMR is suitable for supplying lubricating points with grease. The operating pressure of this SKF lubricator is at 30 bar. - Made in Europe


lubricators periodically deliver grease or oil to bearings, chains, guideways and other industrial equipment components. Choose from gas-powered and electromechanical units to meet your operating specifications. For centralized lubrication, Timken offers the Timken® C-Power multi-point lubrication system and Interlube product line.

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ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified manufacturer of grease pressure lubricators. Products include progressive lubrication systems, single-point lubricators & compact grease lubrication systems. Single-point lubricators such as self-contained single-point lubricators & automatic grease lubricators are available.

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Continuous lubrication: The chemical reaction in the lubricator is always happening, therefore gas is always being produced. This means that gas powered lubricators provide continual lubrication in small doses. There is never the cycle of under & over-lubrication produced by spring driven lubricators.

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Shop Single Point Lubricators at Applied.com and browse our extensive selection of industrial parts and supplies for all your MRO needs.

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Reliable electromechanically powered single point lubricators. The single point lubricator is a good choice instead of a central lubrication system if there are few lubrication points spread over a wide area.

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Graco’s Electrochemical (gas) and Electromechanical (motor-driven) Single Series lubricators deliver small, predetermined amounts of lubricant at frequent intervals for an uninterrupted supply of fresh grease directly to your bearing or lubrication point. This prevents over and under lubrication problems associated with manual

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Proper lubrication is critical to bearing and machine performance. To help extend the life of your equipment and increase uptime, Timken® D-Power, G-Power, and M-Power single-point lubricators periodically deliver grease or oil to bearings, chains, guideways and other industrial equipment components. Design Attributes:

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Our dedicated power tool and fastener specialists do more than just sell tools - they provide an end-to-end solution, leveraging our vast range of market-leading products including power tools and fastening and anchoring products, both chemical and mechanical, to ensure the best fit for your unique industry applications.

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Shop Single Point Lubricators at Applied.com and browse our extensive selection of industrial parts and supplies for all your MRO needs.

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General Lubrication Products include Lincoln’s line of portable lubrication pumps, hose reels, Kleenseal®‚ grease fittings, control valves, used fluid drains, and a comprehensive line of grease guns including the Powerluber®‚ battery-powered and air powered grease guns.

Lubrication systems & central lubrication plants .

Lubrication systems and central lubrication plants ensure ideal lubrication quantities at the right time in the right place. They are used for lubrication of individual machines and complete plants and allow clean and efficient lubrication distribution to all connected lubricating points. ... Gas-powered lubricators are a cost-efficient ...

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Spring lubricators are an old style of automatic lubricator. Whilst you will still find them available to buy, the technology has been superceded by lubrication methods which produce a more reliable method of lubrication, such as gas-driven or motor-driven lubricators.