Contamination of Lubricating Oil (LO) System with Water in

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Keywords: no waste oil, semi-permanent use of engine oil, emulsion of oil in water, waste oil from compressors, fertilizer plants, slip of oil, pollution of river and coastal sea. 1 Introduction The authors have been engaged in developing a system of technologies for provision of clean fuel oil, clean lubricating oil (LO) [1], and clean water [2].

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These oil test kits will identify most major problems in time to limit major damage. They will give you comfort that the oil is fit for use and system free of major contamination. The ability to test On-Site at the point of use enables you to conduct oil analysis quickly and easily.


The system oil in large medium and low speed diesel engines is intended to be in use for a long time. The normal case is that the lubricating oil stays in the engine without replacement. Only the loss of oil, e.g. consumption during operation and loss of oil in the cleaning system, is compensated for by the topping up the volume with new oil.

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A diving inspection confirmed the presence of oil in the discharge water when the lube oil cooling water pump was running. Analysis. The main engine lube oil cooler was found to be leaking at the sea water outlet flange and collected water showed signs of oil contamination.

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diesel engine: Why may the diesel engine have misfire in one of the cylinders?, Crankshaft is not turned or swings and not making a complete revolution, Severe piston ring and liner wear after overhaul.

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Lubricating oil (LO) and control oil systems are covered in API 614 (1999). It is noted that other API machinery-specific standards reference API 614 for the LO system requirements. API 614 is a generic specification for all LO and control oil systems, but a couple of important requirements and issues should be emphasized:

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of adhesive wear. It is necessary to keep the lubricating oil clean and dry at all times. To keep oil fit for use, oil conditions are to be monitored regularly to make sure the oil is used within its performance specification. A well balanced oil analysis program shall monitor machine wear condition, oil contamination and oil degradation.

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The AN test is performed on nonengine oil samples and is used to quantify the acid buildup in these oils. An increased AN is a result of oxidation of the oil, perhaps caused by overheating, overextended oil service, or water or air contamination. Components within refrigeration systems are particularly susceptible to acid attack.

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Why your Lubricating Oil Foam? There are many reasons for oil to Foam. They are listed below: Contamination is a very frequent one. Common contaminants consist of water, solid particles, grease or cross contamination of the oil with another fluid or addition of a wrong lubricant,

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Contamination Control - Resources And Advice A broad subject which applies to all types of material systems (including both biological and engineering). It is concerned with planning, organizing, managing, and implementing all activities required to determine, achieve and maintain a specified contamination level.

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Depending on the type of installation, this also may include the hydraulic control system, oil shaft seals, gears and flexible couplings. ... Water contamination promotes oil degradation, chemical ...

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Lubricating oil system for a marine diesel engine - how it works ... Lubricating oil is pumped from ME LO Circulating Tank, placed in the double bottom beneath the engine, by means of the ME LO Pump, to the ME LO Cooler, a thermostatic valve, and through a full-flow filter, to the engine, where it is distributed to the various branch pipes ...

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Lubricating oil analysis is a part of the routine maintenance in which the oil sample is taken to a laboratory and it is tested for its properties, condition and for the level of contamination (such as dilution of fuel, dirt contamination, excessive bearing wear, etc.). All these are discussed briefly in this article.

Contamination of Lubricating Oil (LO) System with Water in .

Contamination of Lubricating Oil by Water Causes. Leakages from cylinder cooling water system. Leakages from piston cooling water system (for water cooled pistons). LO cooler water leakages (can be seawater or freshwater). Leakages from sump tank heating coils. Condensation of water vapour inside crankcase. Effects


Below is a general listing of lubrication systems and components for various Caterpillar engines. Refer to the Price List for specific ... water-cooling system. ... 3600 Lubricating Oil System Schematic - Model 3612 1. Oil Pump 2. Prelube Pump 3. Oil Coolers 4. Oil Filters 5. Oil Thermostat Housing

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In this study, phytoremediation of soil contaminated with 2.5 and 1% (w/w) waste lubricating oil using J. curcas and enhancement with organic wastes [Banana skin (BS), brewery spent grain (BSG ...

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Contamination of lubricating oil with either freshwa- ... In order to prolong the lubricating oil lifetime and remove wear elements, water and contaminants from the lubricating oil, it is mandatory to use a by- ... installation of the lubricating oil system. Cleaning capacity Normally, it is recommended to use a self-cleaning ...

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Diesel Engine Lubrication And Lube Oil Contamination Control Identify contamination Identify wear and its possible sources Deploy appropriate contamination control guards Move your maintenance practices toward a more condition-based-approach 3. Introduction Lubricating oil is imperative for the correct function of an engine.

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As a preliminary investigation, the lube oil cooler and the coolant temperature was checked on the local temperature gauges. The engineer on watch reported that there was an abnormal level in the sump tank and the cooling water expansion tank had lost water. Cooling water had got into the lubricating oil sump and contaminated the lube oil system.

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The Impact of Water Contamination on Lubricants. The effects of contamination, the oil analysis tests to indicate their presence, the recommended corrective actions and best practices for minimizing contamination: Water Contamination. Water can be present in lubricants as free, dissolved or emulsified water.